Business model marked by dynamic growth since its creation in 2010.

Proven record of success propelling brands and distribution to new heights.

We invest in lifestyle brands ranging from $10 to $100 million in deal size.

Our group's annual retail sales exceed $1 billion.

Western culture combined with expertise of operations tailored to China market dynamics.

With China expertise rivaled by none, we soldier onward moving with strength.

Guarantor to protect each brand’s reputation.

Unparalleled commitment to brand and consistent brand direction

About Utg

United Trademarks Group, Ltd. (UTG) leverages a diversified portfolio of international lifestyle and fashion brands and remains focused on helping valuable trademarks around the globe to grow in the China marketplace.

The firm adds value by launching and growing brands new to the China market and helping brands that are already established in China to become even more successful. It accomplishes this growth by using its extensive experience in developing online and offline sales in China.

Experience Matters

United Trademarks Group, Ltd. (UTG) is a leading specialized brand management and investment company focused on acquiring valuable trademarks around the globe and helping them grow in the China marketplace.

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