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Who we are



We market a variety of lifestyle and fashion goods under our owned and licensed brands. Our mission is to make affordable lifestyle.

By working closely together as a single company focused on the key elements of lifestyle and fashion product – design, manufacture, distribution, and retail – we bring our customers closer than ever to the quality products they want at affordable prices.



United Trademarks Group deployed a business model marked by stellar growth since its creation in 2010. We cherish the vision of becoming a world-class, trusted lifestyle brand group.

Branding infrastructure is transforming. Our company is dedicated to build the future infrastructure of branding. The companies that succeed going forward will be those that start planning today for sustainable improvements.

Big Data is a game changer in the retail industry. We already apply analytics at every stage of our retail process but will commit incorporating high tech and data in order to control the rapidly evolving way the China market buys and sells.

Experience Matters

United Trademarks Group, Ltd. (UTG) is a leading specialized brand management and investment company focused on acquiring valuable trademarks around the globe and helping them grow in the China marketplace.

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