Our Brands

We develop a variety of lifestyle and fashion goods under our owned and licensed brands and make affordable lifestyle that the consumer is willing and able to buy.

We invest in brands with a presence in China ranging from $10 to $100 million in deal size. UTG has provided consistency and excellence when creating branded lifestyle and fashion goods such as apparel, footwear, bags, small leather goods and home textiles. UTG has always created brand value and demonstrated a strong understanding of the importance of maintaining a brand’s core identity. Today we are leading the industry with annual retail sales exceeding $1 billion.

Jeep® Xtreme Performance

We design our outdoor & technical performance line of apparel and accessories with the highest standards in mind. Precision and authenticity are the touch points. Our team has been operating since 2012 with advanced materials and enduring craftsmanship always to manufacture top-line products.


Jeep® Spirit

Another brand extension under the Jeep family, featuring a broad portfolio of outdoor-ready, fashion-focused apparel and accessories for male and female young adults. The collections we create for this brand extension represent a free spirit and love of the outdoors in a way only a Jeep-branded product can convey, incorporating materials and design principles that are comparable with the Jeep Spirit brand aesthetic.


Emoji ®

The emoji brand offers more than 10.000 high resolution icons protected by copyright. Since the prominent launch of the emoji brand in 2015 the emoji company has teamed up with more than 500 license partners from all over the world and has successfully established the recognition for its brand and its icons. The brand operates a solid network of serious licensing partnerships with global corporations from multiple industry sectors. There is no standing still as the emoji design team continues to work on the creation of new style icons and patterns.


Known for durability, adventure and the iconic seven-slot grille, Jeep vehicles have inspired generations of loyal followers. Today those Jeep brand ideals, have been interpreted into a timeless, international fashion brand, centered on men and women’s classic footwear. Mature Jeep brand enthusiasts will re-experience the vehicle’s legacy, with quality products bearing thoughtful vehicle- inspired designs they can treasure for years to come.


The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, recognized as one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers, has teamed up with UTG through a licensing deal to develop the first Goodyear-branded vintage, casual, and fashionable footwear collection in China.

Roberta Di Camerino

We acquired the Venetian heritage brand. The business required a sound strategy to revamp the brand founded by the late Giuliana Coen. We dealt with existing and operational services and reaffirmed the brand’s position in the Italian market. The brand has achieved these aspirations and is beginning to thrive once again in Italy.

In 2017 we launched a premium children’s wear collection in China under the label of the Roberta di Camerino Maison.


Since the opening of Verri’s first boutique in the heart of Milan in 1972, the Italian brand has focused on elegance and quality. The result is an uncompromisingly comfortable and contemporary collection for men.